• Anna says:

    Hey Guys, I think it is difficult to define what makes a coffee professional as you mentioned. From time to time I´m asking this question to myself trying to define my own performance in the business and I like to break it down to two important factors: I think having a certain knowledge of coffee and this not only in your field is one part. For example, I think it is not necessary to have seen a growing country as a barista but certain consideration of other fields in the industry and how they affect each other to do a good job. I also like to see professionalism as something important to consider as in each other working field maybe not too connected with the coffee knowledge but behavior in general. In my opinion it´s not just the passion about the topic, also the dedication to it and to the clients and third parties involved, like delivering on time and being able to successfully finish projects or communicate the proper way the knowledge you have. That’s where the difference is between an enthusiastic and a professional and a lot of these skills are not written on certificates. I really hope you can relate to my point of view. Greetings.

  • Adriana Rehn says:

    Dear Anna,

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on that topic with us!
    We believe especially your point of being able to share ones knowledge is a very important factor.
    We will definitely discuss that topic in further episodes as well.

    Thanks a lot for your input!
    Roddy & Adriana