#013 – Early 2019 Edition

Its already February 2019 and here we go with the first show of the year!

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#012 – Travel and Hotel Coffee

In November, we spent a week in Fuerteventura…needless to say that we judged the coffee on the island. We’ll take you through our hotel & travel coffee experiences. Thank God we had brought our own.




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#011 – We’re back! Roundup of German Cup Tasters Championships

We’re back with a report of the German Cup Tasters and some personal updates. Congratulations to Joseph Lyons (Bonanza Coffee), Theresa Prüssen (Mitte, Basel CH) and Aurore Ceretta (Café Marcel) for winning!


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#010 Thomas Perez, Alpha Dominche

We just recently spent a few days in New York and met with Thomas Perez, CEO of Alpha Dominche. He gave us interesting insights to the company strategy, the Steampunk and new Flask Brewer. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did!






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#009 – Wim Abbing, Probat

Wim Abbing is the CEO of Probat. Probat is the leading manufacturer of coffee roasters and plants and a family owned business, celebrating its 150 year anniversary in 2018. Wim shared some really interesting insights on his business and the industry.

Probat Instagram


For further information about the Connecting Market symposium on September 19: Probat 150 Year Anniversary Microsite

picture © Probat-Werke von Gimborn Maschinenfabrik GmbH



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#008 Raivis Vaitekuns and Coffeepixels

We met Raivis Vaitekuns in March 2018 at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival and agreed at that time to continue our conversation. Now we met over Skype and spoke to him about building a business in the coffee industry, his latest product (@coffeepixels) and the future for biodynamics in coffee.

Raivis was so kind to send us a few bars of Coffeepixels which we would like to share with you. To enter the raffle, please post a picture or story and tag us on Instagram of your view, while listening to this episode. Good luck!








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