#019 – Kenji Muto Quiróz

We talk to Kenji, a coffee professional and badass cyclist from Nagoya, Japan. Kenji shares his journey with NVAYRK, a global creative collab and cycling team. He takes us on his trip to the La Marzocco HQ and to the Specialty Coffee culture in Japan. #thankyoucoffee #cyclingconnects

©️ Kenji Muto Quiróz
©️ Kenji Muto Quiróz


Muto Photo: https://instagram.com/muto_photo

NVAYRK: https://instagram.com/nvayrk

La Marzocco Home: https://instagram.com/lamarzoccohome

Saturdays NYC: https://instagram.com/saturdaysnyc

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#018 – Corona Quarantimes

Have you ever wondered, what Adriana + Roddy are up to at the moment? Tune In!

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#017 – Cosmos Coffee

The Cosmos Coffee Exhibition is breaking records at the Deutsches Museum and we spoke to the curator, who put it all together.

picture © : Sara Marquart

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#016 – Berlin Coffee Fest

We’re back with a show about the Berlin Coffee Festival 2019 and especially the Berlin Batch.

Listen to our recap and especially Philipp Reichel’s and Stuart Ritson’s position on this very special coffee project.


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#015 – World of Coffee 2019

World of Coffee is a wrap. In today’s episode we talk about the World of Coffee, the German Aeropress Championships and Berlin.

Use code WOC2019 for a discount on our new line of shirts!

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#014 – Coffee Processing

Did you know that it takes 10.000l of fresh water to produce 1kg of green coffee? In this episode, we dig a bit deeper and explore processing methods and outline the differences between wet and dry processing. It’s a new approach for us and we hope you like it, too!

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